Our Mission

Church Tech Unite  exists to lead techs into encouraging and meaningful relationships with other techs in their city and region.

Our Vision

Church Tech Unite vision is to see techs encouraged and equipped to pursue intimacy with God, community with each other, and influence across their relational sphere.

Our Journey

Church Tech Unite began with a vision from the Lord to connect techs to techs. Week in and week out, techs throughout the nation find themselves working long hours–editing footage, mixing tracks, and designing lights–in order to support the vision of the local church.

A desire was placed in the heart of Kevin Sanchez to begin an organization that meets the relational needs of techs–connecting them to both each other and the Father’s love. Having spent many hours on church creative teams, Kevin recognized the challenges facing techs–who literally do much of their work in the low-lit trenches of the local church. Working behind the scenes, techs often face real relational needs for community and connectedness. Due to the nature of their responsibilities, this task-focused isolation coupled with an independent mentality causes techs to miss the relational vibrancy of church hallways and lobbies. While the masses flood in and flood out, techs from city to city find themselves saturated with responsibilities to support the ministry team of the church–often longing for a real connection to the Body that they so deeply love and serve.

Seeing the need for spiritual encouragement and connectedness, Kevin met with several local techs in Dallas/Fort Worth to discuss the burden the Lord had placed on his heart. The possibilities for life change in these simple atmospheres of connection became clearer and clearer as Kevin walked away personally–renewed, refreshed, inspired, and encouraged. The emotional and spiritual edification of these times with techs only confirmed the calling of the Lord on Kevin to expand the reach of what would soon be called Church Tech Unite.

After sending an eleven-word tweet stating, “Any D/FW Church Media/Tech friends interested in a Meet Up?” Kevin received a wave of responses from local techs expressing interest. Beginning with a lunch of sixteen techs at a Chili’s Restaurant in Dallas/Fort Worth, Church Tech Unite was birthed. The lunch was a time marked by techs sharing wisdom, guidance, and encouragement with each other. A family-like bond and connectedness was felt with everyone in attendance–revealing the power of His Light in the low-lit culture of church tech.

After hosting three more meet ups in Dallas/Fort Worth, the Lord revealed specific cities to reach in 2013–specifically Houston, Austin, and Los Angeles. In response to this word from the Lord, Kevin sent tweets and emails to local techs in each of those cities about connecting. Each tech responded quickly and affirmed the need for an active local church tech community.

As a result of these meet ups, Church Tech Unite has seen communication challenges resolved, families restored, marriages revived, volunteer teams thriving, staff members embracing supernatural “rest,” and next-generation empowerment within local church tech improved.

Looking into the future, Church Tech Unite aims to impact many more cities to come through the Father’s love and local tech community.